Medical Cannabis Regulation in Europe

"Principles of Clinical Cannabinology Handbook"

by Gastautor

Viola Brugnatelli & Fabio Turco have written „Principles of Clinical Cannabinology Handbook“. The book was published by CannabiScientia and Prohibition Partners. Below presents to the readers: Chapter 4 (Preface): Medical Cannabis Regulation in Europe. More Infos:

By Viola Brugnatelli & Fabio Turco

The therapeutic properties of cannabis have been widely recognised by the international scientific community for decades now. However, the illegal status of cannabis, especially of its active ingredient THC, has made its use in the therapeutic field particularly difficult.

For this reason, in many European states and beyond, a debate has been going on for years about the possibility of using cannabis for medicinal purposes, involving governments, regulators and law enforcement on the one hand, and doctors and patients on the other.

As a result, several states in Europe have introduced specific laws and programmes to allow patients to use cannabis preparations in various forms to alleviate the symptoms of a range of pathological conditions.

In the absence of a European Union framework law, each individual state has its own laws regulating the use of medical cannabis, some more restrictive, some more permissive.

In order to get a complete picture of the legal status of medical cannabis in various European states, the following paragraphs will consider the legislation of those states that have opened up the use of medical cannabis, in particular:

  • Belgium,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,
  • Germany,
  • Ireland,
  • Italy,
  • Malta,
  • Poland,
  • Portugal,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,

The laws of the various states are updated to August 2022. As the legal situation of cannabis in Europe is constantly evolving, in some cases the current legislation, as well as the type and prices of products that can be purchased, may not be in line with this text.

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