Historical fun facts of Germany’s cannabis industry

by Moritz Förster

Being involved in the German & European #Cannabis industry since spring 2017 it’s quite amusing to look back. Can’t wait what the future will tell. Only one thing is sure: It will be exciting 😉

➜ March 2017: WOW Europe is going to be a 55 billion euro #cannabis #market just within five years (and overseas decision makers think: Let’s just buy any kind of licensed German #wholesaler whatever it takes & pay a hell lot of money to be an “early mover” – „early“ sounds „BIG“). And we will see 800.000 patients soon… 💪

➜ 2018: Oh my god! #EU #GMP is not GMP. So… Where do German distributors get all their medical cannabis flowers from…

➜ 2019: Okay, let’s just sell Bedrocan 🌷. We can charge whatever we want. Crazy world… €€€

➜ Another thought of 2019: Let’s just sell CBD to anyone! Everyone loves cannabis – and #CBD is also part of the plant! People will love CBD for sure. 💖

➜ 2020: What’s this thing called #Novel #Food? Why “Novel”, are these European bureaucrats not even able to speak proper English…? Whatever, let’s call it #cosmetics 😁

➜ Another sad feeling of 2020: God damn it: Why do so many wholesalers want to have a piece of the same Bedrocan-cake ;( Did anyone tell them we can charge whatever we want – and even worse, why can we not charge any longer whatever we want 😡

And btw: What happened to the 800.000 patients? Do we even have any doctors who have a clue how to spell “#endogenous #cannabinoid #system”??? 😫

➜ 2021: That just looks all like a big mess. But then…

November 2021: #Recreational#recreational#recreational Hallelujah! 🎺 We just love traffic-light-politics. Go go go! Olaf & Karl!

Btw: People please, please love our cosmetics: It says CBD! It’s cannabis! Well, kind of… Whatever: Recreational, recreational, recreational. We love Olaf & Karl. And the liberals and the greens. 🙏🏻

➜ 2022: What’s this thing called the European Union? Didn’t these folks also have this thing going on with the “New Food”-stuff a few years ago…? What’s wrong with them? Why do they even have their own rules for #drug #policy? And who in god’s name needs the #United #Nations anyway. Why does this guy called Burkhard Blienert always say it’s complicated? It’s complicated, it’s complicated… Just do your job! 😤

➜ 2023, 2024, …: to be continued 😉

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