Podcast: Germany’s roadmap to legal adult-use cannabis compliant with EU and international law

by Moritz Förster


EU and international law are currently the biggest obstacles for a legal adult-use cannabis market in Germany. A discussion of Dr. Robin Hofmann and Alfredo Pascual with Moritz Förster about options, scenarios and question marks.

Dr. Robin Hofmann is an assistant professor for criminal law and criminology at Maastricht University, Alfredo Pascual is Vice-President of Investment Analysis at Seed Innovations, a European Cannabis VC.

They are both leading experts in the area of international cannabis policy and regulation. Together with Moritz Förster, chief editor of krautinvest.de, they discuss how Germany will make the magic happen: Legalize adult-use cannabis in a very complex international regulative environment.

You will get answers to questions such as:

  • The Schengen agreement and the framework from 2004 are both referencing the Single Convention. On the other hand, especially the EU, and also the Schengen space, are harmonized areas without borders. Where should Germany spend more effort to solve the challenges: On EU level or on UN level?
  • How will enforcement look like in the EU?
  • How would a legislative procedure in the EU look like?
  • What are the Germany’s chances and arguments when the European Cour of Justice would need to make a decision?
  • What would the timeline be if Germany decides to leave and re-enter the Single Convention? What are the risks?
  • How realistic is a inter se modification with other countries? What are the obstacles?
  • Is a scientific approach the way to go? And what are the criteria for a scientific adult use market?


  • krautgeplauder: krautinvest

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